The Top 10 Toasters to Buy Online in 2018 – Reviews & Ratings

Want perfectly toasted bread for breakfast? Here we are reviewing the Top 10 Best Toasters to buy in 2018, which are going to help you prepare your breakfast pretty quickly and get those ideal browned bread to eat whenever you want. You may apply the desired topping on the roasted bread and start your day with a meal of your liking. All the toasters that we have listed down here provide you with the impeccable specifications, optimal power, and amazing functionality. So, choose the best toaster for your kitchen as per your need, budget, and requirement from the Top 10 Listing provided here.

The finest toasters provide enjoyable toast on every occasion without any failure, irrespective of the kind of bread you prepare. On the other hand, not every single toaster are so proficient while it comes to roasting every kind of bread, thus it’s really worth purchasing the best toaster to confirm you obtain that ideal toast from time to time. Look into the buyer’s guide given below to tell you about how you can choose the correct toaster:

What Are Toasters?

Toasters are minor electrical kitchen appliance utilized to prepare roasted bread. It functions by offering beaming heat in to bread, consequently converting it into a toast. The finest toaster functions commendably with numerous other types of bread, like the sliced rolls, bagels, crumpets, and more.

Why Must You Purchase A Good Toaster?

A decent toaster is a pretty nice appliance to get for your kitchen. It permits you to prepare a toast, which is a really pleasing snack and is further appropriate for cooking various other kinds of breads. In case you like relishing toasts at the time of breakfast – or at some other time – then it’s at all times suggested having a worthy toaster. It’s probable to roast the bread using other practices, but nothing can be as effective or speedy like the toasters.

Now, as you have gone through the Best Toaster Buyer’s Guide, have a look at our Top 10 Best Toasters listing which we have provided below:

Fortune Candy Stainless Steel 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

This Fortune Candy Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster is one of the best that you may get in the market as of now. The features that this toaster offers are really what people actually look for while buying a toaster from the shop. It comprises of an extra-wide 1.5-inch slots, which are easily able to fit bagels, buns, and other kinds of bread. The toaster also sports a high-lift toast lever owing to which it is really convenient while you take out smaller pieces of bread. Owing to the sliding out crumb tray, it might fairly easy to keep those crumb off your countertop.

best toaster to buy online


  • Designed having an elegant look to match you countertop settings
  • With extra-wide slots, you may roast any sort of bread you want
  • Comprises of a high-lift toaster lever to take out smaller breads
  • Offers multiple other functionalities apart from just roasting bread
  • Comes with a slide-out crumb tray for making up cleanup quickly
  • Provides the push-button bagel functions for more convenience

KitchenBro Compact Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster

The KitchenBro 2-Slice Toasters are really prevalent not just for their proficient roasting performance, but they further have an elegant design and appearance that looks great on the countertop. Owing to the wider slots along with the smart buttons, it permits you to consistently toast the bread. Apart from that, the advanced toasting expertise makes sure that you get unswerving results every single time. This KitchenBro 2-Slice Toasters has been fully equipped with the functions like the toast boost, automatic shutdown, and the sliding out crumb tray, which turns cleanup a breeze.

best toaster online


  • Prepare delicious breakfast for you within a few minutes
  • Offers slot-width adjustment, to keep the bread in the correct position
  • Provides multiple toasting features like Reheat, Cancel, and Frozen
  • Owing to the slide-out crumb tray, cleanup process is really a snap
  • Shuts down automatically after your bread has been toasted perfectly
  • Comes with an anti-jam function so that the bread comes out smoothly

BESTEK 2-Slice Stainless Steel Digital Display Toaster

From the range of advanced toasters in the market, comes this gem of a 2-slice toaster, which comprises of a digital display, 7-level shade controls, and 4-mode settings. Comprising of extra-wide slots, this toaster has the ability to toast the breads of any size. Owing to the 7-levels adaptable browning controls, you may be able to roast you bread as much as you want to. For amazing versatility, this toaster comes equipped with 4 working modes namely defrost, reheat, bagel, and toasting. The Bestek 2-slice toaster comprises of a high-lift lever to take out the smaller pieces of bread safely.

top best toaster online


  • Offers utmost versatility with 7 browning functions & 4 distinct modes
  • Comes with extra-wide bread slots to accommodate a variety of breads
  • Comprises of an LED display for browning setting to get perfect loaves
  • Designed to match any sort of a modular kitchen setting
  • Provides a high-lift lever to remove those smaller pieces of bread
  • The crumb tray glides out easily to make cleanup pretty easy

Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster

A combination of stainless steel together with the black painted steel turns this toaster from Cuisinart a must buy product for the people who have a longing for culinary design. This solid stainless Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster provides the retro standard structure to your kitchen and supplies performance with commanding features which are namely bagel, reheat, and defrost options. The cleanup process is really easy owing to the detachable crumb tray. It further comprises of a cord wrap below the base to be able to hide the power cord whilst it is not being used.

best toaster pricelist


  • This toaster is the perfect combination of power and style
  • Comes with a toasting technology for pleasing your taste buds
  • Offers the crispy top and soft bottom with the bagel function
  • Provides a full-range of browning options with shade-control settings
  • Comprises of multiple functions like defrost, toast, reheat, and cancel
  • The high-lift lever helps you remove those small pieces of bread

BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Smile all day long as preparing that everyday breakfast has just turned a bit easier. Using the BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Toaster is the impeccable method to begin a new day, which comprises of the 6 distinct browning or shade settings. This toaster further comprises of the superior functions for preparing bagels as well as the frozen products. Apart from that, this toaster comes equipped with the extra-wide bread slots, which effortlessly fits those bagels, dense artisan breads, and lots more. It also provides you with quick toasting and precise outcomes with the 850-watts power.

top rated toaster online


  • Prepares all the types of toasted bread with extra-wide slots
  • Comes fully equipped with special functions like frozen & bagel
  • Comprises of a slide-out crumb tray which makes cleaning a breeze
  • Being sleek and stylish, doesn’t cramp your countertop or style
  • Offers fast toasting and precise results with the 850W power
  • Choose the toasting time easily with the dial provided

Cookmate Classic Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster

This standard stainless steel toaster from Cookmate is a magnificent appliance, which has been designed to offer ultimate performance. The things that make it a top-notch product is its classic design, 750W of power, superior features, and the quality of result it offers. This toaster is smooth, dominant, and has been fully laden with exceptional features which are namely anti jam function, automatic shutdown, detachable crumb tray, 7 toasting controls, and the 4 distinct modes of operation namely Defrost, Bagel, Reheat, and Cancel. This toaster is going to be with you for several years and offers 1-year warranty.

best toaster to buy online


  • Stylish and sleek standard stainless steel body framing
  • Comes with anti-jam and auto- shutoff function to prevent burning
  • Provides you the required results with the dominant 750W power
  • Comprises of extra-wide slots so that you may push-in any bread size
  • Offers a detachable easy to clean crumb tray to make cleanup a breeze
  • Fetch the perfect toast level with 7 different toast or browning controls

KitchenAid KMT4115CU 4-Slice Toaster

This toaster from KitchenAid is a really eye-catching and purposeful addition to every countertop since the KitchenAid Toaster provides a wide variety of features that you may use daily. Using this toaster, you might be able to toast the bread to your anticipated shade, accurately toast the cut edges of bagels, defrost, and roast the frozen food or reheat formerly toasted food in within a minute. Additionally, the high-lift lever turns it really easy to get the toasted pieces of bread out. The Bagel Button decreases the power on a single side of the heating components by half.

best toaster reviews


  • Comes with a manual high-lift lever to take out the breads easily
  • Comprises of extra-wide slots to handle bagels and English muffins
  • Offers a bagel button to reduce the power of the heating element by 50%
  • Provides 5 distinct browning options to regulate the toasting power
  • The under base cord storage neatly wraps the cord when not in use
  • All-metal construction provides both durability and style

Vremi 2-Slice Stainless Steel Retro Toaster

If you are fan of the retro classic toaster models, then this 2-slice stainless steel toaster from Vremi is going to be the best choice for you. This toaster is a pretty reliable model that offers you with an attractive and compact colored design. Owing to the wide bread holding slots, your bread gets evenly heated or toasted. The 4 distinct touch buttons brown, defrost frozen bread, reheat, and cancel the toast in the middle. This toaster also features 7 adaptable shade settings to provide you the required heat so that you don’t require a toaster oven to brown the breads or the sandwich slices perfectly.

toaster to buy online


  • Comprises of wide bread holding slots for every bread size
  • Heats the bread evenly so that you get perfect brown toasts
  • Designed to save a lot of countertop space in your kitchen
  • Comes with the anti-jam feature to prevent the burning of bread
  • With this toaster, easily prepare English muffins, waffles, and more
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty cover to provide after sales support

Oster TSSTTRJBG1 Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster

The Oster 2-slice toaster has been designed to toast the bagels, breads, and more as per your requirement and taste. With the advanced toasting expertise, this toaster provides you with the reliable results on very single occasion. You might be able to relish the ideal texture and color of the bagel, toast, English muffin, or waffle. The smooth design together with the metallic finish is going to augment the appearance of any kitchen. Having a product from Oster, you might be able to prepare food with passion and serve your friends and family with pleasure.

best toaster to buy online


  • Equipped with advanced toast technology for ultimate results
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray to turn the overall cleanup easy
  • Comprises of the extra-wide slots to brown every sort of bread
  • Offers 7 different adaptable toast shade settings for perfect results
  • Proper combination of performance, versatility, and durability
  • The anti-jam and auto-shutoff function prevents burning

Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster

This 2-slice toaster from Breville comprises of the groundbreaking one-touch automatic funtionality for ideal toasted heavens every single time you want to use it. Since that bagel, artisanal bread, or pastry goes down gradually into one among the 2 extra-wide bread holding slots, you are going to know that the toasting precision has come into works. The automatic lift & look feature spontaneously rises the bread carrier throughout the toasting process deprived of stopping or reset of the cycle. This allows you to sight the bread, and if essential, stop the browning process at any point in time.

best rated toaster online


  • Offers an internal smart chip to lower bread into the toasting slot
  • Comprises of an automatic lift and look feature to raise the bread
  • The LED panel illuminates as per the setting that you have selected
  • Display functions as a toasting process indicator for countdown
  • Wipes clean with a soft cloth having the die-cast metal exteriors

How to Select the Best Toaster?

Selecting the finest toaster on the market isn’t that stress-free as many people might don. There is a large variety of toasting products obtainable and a variety of specifications worth having a look at, whilst inexpensive toasters are every so often undependable, thus we must make sure that we consider the following aspects before we actually buy one:


The finest feature in the toasters is the adjustable slot-widths that permit them to roast a diversity of bread. Every single toaster doesn’t possess this feature, and it’s an imperative feature in case you desire to toast diverse bread products like bagels and other kinds of bread.


The toasters might be available having 2 or 4-slice capacities, with the second one normally being a bit costly owing to its amplified size. In case toasts are relished by you and your family members really often, then a 4-slice toaster might be an amazing choice, whist the people that munch toast occasionally are going to be acceptable being an inexpensive 2-slice toaster.

Additional Specifications

There is a diversity of supplementary features that you may get in a majority of toasters, so make sure to consider or think over which specifications are valuable. For example, a sandwich holder permits the toasties to be prepared within the toaster, whilst the settings to defrost are ideal for preparing those frozen breads.


Toasters possess diverse kinds of lift heights so it’s vital to think through this feature, or else slighter products like the muffins and crumpets are tough to take out from a toaster. In case you’re just making use of the normal bread, then the lift factors isn’t really that big a worry, but in case you require cooking other kinds of bread or foodstuff, make sure that you purchase a toaster that offers a high lift.

Best 10 Toasters Price Table

Personal Recommendation

With all that being said and done, it is going to be pretty easy for our users to choose the best toaster out of the listing that we had provided above. All the toasters that we have listed above are the ones which are really prevalent in both the offline as well as the online markets. The features that they have on offer are really useful and provide the user with the convenience that they need while using the product. But, in case, a few users are still dazed and confused about the aspect that which toaster they must opt for, then they may readily go with our personal suggestion.

best toaster online

The toaster that we are going to recommend to our users is the KitchenBro Compact Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster. We have suggested the KitchenBro toaster for all those users who are in need of a budget 2-slice toaster to perform the basic toasting functionalities and those who use their toaster only in the morning for breakfast.

best toaster reviews

On the other hand, if the user wants a 4-slice toaster, then they must opt for the KitchenAid KMT4115CU 4-Slice Toaster, which is a really prevalent model on the market as of now. With its powerful design and amazing features, this is the perfect choice for your household, if you love relishing toasts really frequently.

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