The Top 10 Air Fryer to Buy Online – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to fry your food in a healthy manner? Here we are reviewing the 10 Best Air Fryers that are going to allow you fry your foodstuff without using a lot of oil or deep frying so that they you may have them pretty often to pamper your taste buds. The air fryers that we have listed in our review are all premium models and won’t let you encounter much of a hassle while you choose one for your kitchen. So, go through the comprehensive reviews that we have provided below so that you are able to be a smart buyer in the end of your purchase either online or offline.

10 Best Air Fryers to Buy Online

GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

The all-new XL air fryer from GoWise comprises of a reshaped basket to make sure that cooking is constantly an enjoyable experience. The 5.8-quart capacity turns it convenient for households having 4 or above members. It has further augmented an additional preset for an overall preset number becoming 8. You may turn cooking a stress-free experience using this multipurpose and state-of-the-art product. The cleanup procedure of this air fryer too is like a breeze.

best air fryer


  • Comes with 8 presets for an amazing cooking experience
  • Offers sleek and stylish design with cool housing and handle
  • The start-stop button turns it simpler to change settings amid
  • Provides a new alarm option with 5, 10, 15 minutes settings
  • The cooking timer can go up to 30 minutes as well

Secura 4-Liter 1500-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer

This Hot Air Fryer from Secura cuts down the usage of oil to provide you the crispy food you need lacking the additional fat. This air fryer makes use of the hot air in grouping with the rapid air circulation along with an upper grill to border the food with the hot air to cook every single foodstuff rapidly and uniformly. The adjustable temperature control varies from 180-390 degrees F and the timer robotically shuts down the appliance when cooking is done.

best air fryer to buy online


  • Offers superior hot air circulation to cook food quickly
  • Comes with an extra-large 4-liter capacity to cook more food at once
  • Allows you to cook in a healthy way using very less oil
  • Comprises of heating and power indicator lights for convenience
  • The 60-minute timer shuts down automatically when cooking is complete

Gourmia GAF355 Compact Hot Air Fryer

The Gourmia’s GAF355 FryPod Air Fryer makes use of the RadiVection expertise to merge the competence of turbocharged convection cookery along with the infra radiant hotness for cooking the food with hot air. The warmed air is a really effective alternative to the unhealthy oil that we generally use for deep frying the foodstuff. Therefore, this air fryer is a must-have product so that you may fry your food and enjoy it without any sort of guilt.

top 10 best air fryer


  • Comprises of an easily removable basket pan for frying
  • The rapid air circulation technology is really effective
  • A good option for frying the food in a healthy and smarter manner
  • Offers powerful technology to the user for hassle-free frying
  • Offers a compact size so that it can fit anywhere in your kitchen

NutriChef Electric Hot Air Fryer

The NutriChef Electronic Air-Fryer makes use of the hot air apparatus to fry the foodstuff that is going to diminish the amount of oil you use. Consequently, you are no longer going to require worrying about unnecessary oils and calories. This stress-free cookery appliance is simple to utilize and offers expedient countertop cooking. You just need to slide the frying basket out, top-up the food you want to fry, and select the air frying option such as bake, broil, grill or BBQ and you are good to go.

best air fryer


  • Provides a healthy oil-free frying substitute to the user
  • Secure automatic shut-down function for protection
  • Cooks the food evenly using the Rapid Air Circulation
  • The product is resistant to any kind of stain or odor
  • Comes with adjustable temperature settings for perfect cooking

Best Choice Products 5.2L Digital Air Fryer

This large capacity 5.5-quart air fryer from Best Choice Products is able to fry, grill, roast, and bake your favorite foodstuff for the entire family at once. Having an upbeat digital display it adds in a lot of convenience to the user. This air fryer comprises of 7 different cooking programs, an effective timer, accurate temperature control, removable basket, and built-in non-stick baking pan, which makes this air fryer suitable for oil-free and provides healthy cooking!

top best air fryer


  • Cooks food with at least 80% less calories than usual
  • Offers fast cook times to the user for every single recipe
  • Prepares low fat meals pretty effectively and easily
  • No need to put oil on the foodstuff for cooking
  • No lingering smell comes up while you fry the food

Simple Chef Air Fryer

This Air Fryer from Simple Chef offers you an effortless and vigorous way to make your desired recipes. By making use of the Hot Rapid Air Circulation, it is capable of making several dishes lacking any sort of additional oil or calories, real easy and quickly! This air fryer prepares the food using hot air, so that you would not require more than a small amount of oil in case you want to utilize it. In contrast to the traditional deep fryers, this Air Fryer cooks food really easily, faster, and in a healthy manner.

top 10 air fryer


  • Manufactures having a world-class design and sturdy materials
  • Offers a pretty delicious and tender taste to your food
  • Provides a really effective air circulation technology for cooking
  • Amazing for healthy eating and delicious treats for your family
  • Comes with a really easy way to fry your food effectively

FrenchMay 3.7-Quart Air Fryer

The FrenchMay Airfryer is a state-of-the-art appliance that allows you prepare food or other selection of meals rapidly, simply and lusciously. Using this air fryer, you may grill, fry, bake or roast any foodstuff whatsoever pretty fast. Making use of the Dynamic AirFlow to flow hot air within the unit, the Frenchmay Airfryer prepares foods speedily and uniformly using very loss amount of oil. It offers you with a healthier option for frying food to keep away those extra calories.

best air fryer 2018


  • Dominant air frying expertise with rapid hot air circulation
  • Comes with a timer along with a temperature control function
  • Offers ample capacity to cook food for a family of 4 members
  • Dishwasher safe detachable parts for quick cleaning process
  • Offers a cool to touch housing as well as handle

Bella 14538 1500W Electric Hot Air Fryer

This air fryer from Bella allows you to fry your desired foods using completely no oil! It makes it easier to diminish the calories and surplus fats whilst relishing your preferred fried foods. It comprises of the 1500 watt convection kind of flowing heat system that assures that your food is prepared both crispy and consistently. For cleaning, you just need to fling your baking tray inside your dishwasher and relax. It further offers the indicator lights to tell you once the cooking phase is finished.

top 10 air fryer online


  • Offers an effective convection type hot air circulating system
  • Removable dishwasher safe basket for easier cleaning
  • Comprises of a 60-minute timer along with an auto-shut down function
  • Provides fastest heat-up time using stainless steel heating element
  • Comes with an overheat protection function for added convenience

Philips HD9240-94 XL Air Fryer

Using the Philips Air fryer you will be capable of frying your desired foods with just a small amount of oil. The exclusive and patented starfish casing or housing makes the hot air flow all over the unit, making sure that the food is cooked consistently. The food is given out crunchy on the outside and flawlessly softer from the inside. This Air fryer might be able to perform more functions than only frying; it roasts, grills, steams, and bakes the foodstuff so that you have extra choices while cooking food.

top best air fryer


  • Make fries food pretty easily using very less oil
  • Offers a digital touchscreen interface to the user
  • Comes with a 60-minute timer for precise cooking
  • Easier to clean with the components being dishwashers safe
  • Prepares the food really fast as well as uniformly

Black+Decker Purifry 2-Liter Air Fryer

This Air Fryer from Black+Decker cuts down the use of oil to provide you crunchy fried food devoid of the additional fat. It offers a combination of dominant convection fans that surround the food and the heated air that cooks your food very evenly and quickly and evenly. It comes with a variable temperature control that varies from nearly 175-400 degrees as well as the 60-minute timer, which spontaneously shuts down the appliance once the food has been cooked.

best air fryer 2018


  • Comprises of a dominant dual fan convection system
  • The non-stick cooking surfaces turn cleaning a breeze
  • Offers adjustable temperature control and indicator lights
  • Allows you to consume the fried food without any guilt
  • Automatically shuts down once the food gets prepared

Personal Suggestion

Since we have now provided you all with the air fryer reviews for the Top 10 Air Fryers in the market, we suppose that it is going to be really easy for you to choose among the option that we have offered. This entire listing of air fryers comprises of the most likable units having the best ratings as well as reviews online. Apart from that, these air fryers are going to provide you with the best frying performance which will prepare your food in a pretty healthy manner using very less oil or even no oil whatsoever.

top 10 best air fryer

In case there still are a few users who aren’t finding it easy to make a choice out of the given options, then they can certainly go with our personal recommendation. The air fryer that we are going to suggest to our users is the Gourmia GAF355 Compact Hot Air Fryer, which offers you the best air frying performance at a really reasonable price. Additionally, this air fryer is going to suit the people who are searching for a product that is going to use less energy and doesn’t gush up the electricity bills.

But, if any user is on a look-out for a unit that provides them the best specification and features coupled up with a whole lot of power, then they must buy the Philips XL Air Fryer. This air fryer provides the user with a power of 2100-Watts and a broad selection of features which offer a lot of convenience to the user while he or she is cooking the food. Being a product from the warehouse of Philips, this product would not ever annoy you after you purchase it, that’s a guarantee that Philips offers to its customers.

The 10 Best Air Fryer Comparison Table

What is the Specification That We Require Checking before Buying an Air Fryer?

There are several things that we need to keep in mind or check before we come to a decision so as to which air fryer we must buy. Therefore, we have lined up every single feature that you must have a look at prior to buying one:


The minor air fryers are generally offering 1 to 2 liters, whilst the average units provide 1.8-2.5 liters. The superior air fryers might be providing nearly 5-liters or even more. In case you need to prepare a full chicken, choose for the bigger ones. In case your family is a small one, the fryer with a 2-liter capacity must be sufficient. In case you have a large family having 7-8 members or more, opt for an air fryer that comprises of a capacity of 3-6 liters. It is perfect to choose the larger ones to attend more guests simultaneously. The fryers having two baskets are also obtainable that allow you to fry 2 distinct foods instantaneously.

Power Consumption

The amount of energy that an air fryer offers 1500-watts of power might munch is not above 1 unit per day. If you prepare food for nearly 30 minutes inside the air fryer, the overall electricity that it is going to consume will be just half a unit of energy per day. An Air Fryer requires just 15 minutes at the most completing the everyday household cooking. A majority of the Air Fryers has the power rating which is below the range of 1500 watts and thus consume really below the half unit mark.


You require assuring that your kitchenette’s outlet backs the power consumption that your air fryer is going to utilize. It is significant that the outlets are able to offer at least 800 – 1500 watts that a customary air fryer normally needs. The added watts that an air fryer comes with, the higher temperatures it is going to achieve & rapidly it is going to re-warm the oil in case you have put in the frozen food to the oil.

Temperature Control

The adaptable temperature sets that your air fryer offers might have a conclusive effect on coming to a final decision. Typically, the air fryers prepare food well whilst the temperature is above 400 degrees. Greater temperatures offer the benefit of preparing the food even faster. The batter coverings and the baked foods moreover won’t grip as much oil in case they are prepared for a brief time period at an elevated temperature but confirming if the appliance offers an appropriate control that is going to help you cook the food at the appropriate temperature. The existence of the indicator lights and an incorporated timer is going to make things easier for the cook.


Initially, search for the fine-insulated air fryer that comprises of a cool-to-touch handle as well as housing so that the hands don’t burn whilst moving the basket out of the unit. Furthermore, the foot of the air fryer must be having a non-slip base so that the appliance doesn’t move while you are cooking food or taking the basket out. Make it a certain affair that the air fryer offers a programmed shut-down to avert over-cooking of the food and also to keep away any sort of a danger.

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