Best Pill Crushers Review & Buyer's Guide (January, 2022)

Here you have my list of best best pill crushers, all very different in price, style, and design, so you have plenty of options to choose. Please keep reading.

Best Pill Crushers





  • Crush tablets into a fine powder by twisting the top of this attractive red and clear pill crusher
  • Its a fast and safe way to make your pills easier to swallow
  • Conveniently store pills in the pill compartment at the bottom which is divided into two sections
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Grips for easy crushing



  • Clear plastic pouches 2 x 4.5 and 7 mil thick
  • Safely contains pills during crushing process thus eliminating cross contamination and unnecessary clean up
  • Storage compartment on the pill crusher holds the pouches and increases convenience



  • Easily crushes all tablets and pills
  • Built in pill storage compartment can hold 4 pills
  • Ergonomic grip designed for ease of use. Great for individuals with dexterity issues.
  • Pill crusher comes in assorted colors
  • This pill crusher is easy to clean and has a high quality design that is made for repeated use



  • PILL MILL PILL CRUSHER Our Pill Crusher is built from the highest quality materials to fulfill your needs and to ensure your Pill Pulverizer crushes your pills with ease so you will never have to struggle with taking your medication again
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED CURVED ELONGATED CRANK The specially designed Curved Elongated Crank uses basic mechanics to your advantage and increases torque which means there is no effort or force necessary to use our tablet crusher resulting in a fast and smooth grind perfect for people with arthritis
  • MADE FOR MULTIPLE PILL CRUSHING AND TRAVEL Our Crusher is designed with a big upper chamber that can hold and grind many pills in one go reducing the usage time to a minimum It is also lightweight and is easy to take apart making it easy to clean and travel with
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS USED The combination of the durable outside casing and lever made from stainless steel metal and the ceramic burrs on the inside ensures that our Pill Grinder pulverizes tablets consistently into a fine powder that is perfect for feeding tubes
  • 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE At Pill Mill we always stand by our products and take the extra step to satisfy our customers therefore your Pill Crusher will be backed by the Pill Mill Manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee



  • PILL GRINDER if you find it difficult to swallow tablets and pills or find that crushing medicine is easier to take then you need our stainless steel pill crusher to achieve a fine powder concentration
  • ADVANCED FEATURES FOR EASY USE made from stainless steel the shaft of our tablet crusher is robust and secure. It stands on top of a clear plastic collection cup so you can see the consistency of your pills as theyre crushed
  • FOLDING HANDLE AND EASY ACCESS LID you can remove the lid without having to unscrew the elongated handle making it quick and easy to load up. The handle itself folds down to make it compact and easy to store ideal for travelling
  • LONG LASTING CERAMIC BURR unlike other medicine crusher products available we have made ours with a ceramic burr that is far stronger than plastic. It has the ability to crush multiple tablets in one go with ongoing consistency and reliability
  • CONVENIENT AND LIGHTWEIGHT the crushing mechanism in our pill splitter crusher makes light work of grinding down pills. If you have mobility issues or suffer with arthritis you will still be able to use it and receive a fine powder finish



  • The ergonomic triangle shape of the Ultra Pill Crusher is designed for easy handling
  • It turns pills into powder for easy swallowing and is easy to clean
  • Powerful leverage to easily crush hard to swallow pills
  • Secure grip for those with limited strength
  • Storage area under cap



  • THE ULTIMATE PILL CRUSHER The pill grinder is essential for grinding pills to FINE POWDER. With its unique and durable design the pill grinder makes it easy to crush multiple pills to powder so you no longer need to struggle when taking your medication.
  • ELONGATED HANDLE The pill grinder is crafted with an elongated handle allowing you to grind your pills vitamins and medicine with minimal effort.
  • BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME Equipped with the highest quality stainless steel and ceramic burr this pill grinder will consistently and effortlessly crush your vitamins pills and medicine into fine powder throughout the life of the product.
  • TRAVEL READY The pill grinder is uniquely engineered to collapse down easily allowing for ease of travel. Effortlessly stow away your pill grinder in your suitcase or toiletry bag.
  • 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE All of our products are backed by our 100 customer satisfaction guarantee. If any issue should arise youll get a Full Refund no questions asked.



  • Simple and quick with minimal effort
  • Quickly crushes tablets into easy to consume powder
  • Quiet functionality wont disturb residents
  • Ergonomic handle accommodates all hands
  • Eliminates cross contamination for resident safety



  • PROFESSIONAL PILL CHRUSING SOLUTION. AUVON is professional in medication management. At this time AUVON choose this stainless mortar and pestle an ancient tool thats been around for millennia to be a pill crusher. A well constructed mortar and pestle will outperform its other counterparts in terms of ease of use clean up and convenience. Its quite easy to crush up pills to a fine powder for the elderly and your pet dog cat hourse etc.
  • WHY THE MORTAR. We choose a small one as an outstanding pill grinder with optimized surface contact between the bowl and pestle for excellent pills grinding performance. Choosing the mortar you dont need to worry that medications may adhere to the accessories of the pill crusher and get less once crushed by other grinders. No worries about big pills getting stuck in your pill crushers. No need to concern to cut big pills into small parts before grinding. This one is perfect for pill grinding.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. The smooth and non porous 304 stainless surface resists odors and is quite easy to clean. Wash prior to first use dry before storing and keep it away from acids for longer lifespan
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY. The bowl has enough strength and bottom weight to remain relatively stationary when applying pressure if you hold the weight of the bowl low in the mid section and that has enough capacity for your intended use. This heavy stainless steel has a non skid base for secure grinding of pills medications medicine spices etc.
  • What You Receive 1 x AUVON Mortar Pestle Pill Crusher our 12 month warranty and friendly customer service.

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