Best Circuit Breaker Finder Review & Buyer's Guide (January, 2022)

Buy the best circuit breaker finder for your needs. Choose from the best circuit breaker finder on the market. Pick the one that satisfies your need.

Best Circuit Breaker Finder



  • Using the Breaker ID circuit breaker finder is a simple 1 person operation
  • Patented technology of this circuit finder eliminates false positives making it quick and efficient to scan identify and label all breakers with no accidental shutoffs
  • Zircons circuit identifier calibrates automatically plugs into outlets up to 120 V and uses lights and audio to indicate when the circuit is found
  • Transmitter and Receiver of the Breaker ID snap together for easy and secure storage
  • One fully charged 9V battery not included is required for the circuit breaker finder to run at optimal performance



  • Tone and trace wire on non active networks. SmartToneTM technology provides five distinct tones for exact pair identification. Battery 9V alkaline
  • Sends a loud tone up to 16 km 10 miles in most cables and provides five distinct cadences for isolating individual wire pairs
  • Loud speaker on Probe makes the tone easier to hear through drywall wood and other enclosures
  • Angled bed of nails clips allow easy access to individual pairs and RJ 11 easily connect to telephone jacks no need for adapters
  • Attach nylon pouch included in kit to your belt for easy transport



  • The transmitter sends locator signal through outlet wiring
  • For use on 120 volt energized circuits
  • Receiver picks up signal to pinpoint correct breaker
  • Advanced design pinpoints single breaker to prevent service interruption
  • Transmitter also tests gfci protected outlets



  • Circuit Breaker Finder With Digital Receiver Gfci Circuit Tester
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Positively Identifies Circuit Breakers Fuses Without Service Interruption
  • Automatically indicates the right breaker for quick easy breaker identification
  • Works on 120220 Volt circuits
  • Verifies presence of power
  • Includes GFCI receptacle tester
  • Non contact voltage sensor included



  • For use with ET300 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder
  • Light socket adapter for finding the correct circuit of a lighting fixture
  • Alligator clip adapter enables use of on bare wires



  • The MM300 multimeter measures ACDC voltage DC current and resistance and has a safety rating of CAT III 600V Class 2 Double insulation
  • The NCVT 1 has a bright green LED to indicate the tester is working it changes to red and warning tones sound when voltage is detected
  • NCVT 1 has a digitally controlled ONOFF power button and auto power off feature to conserve and extend battery life
  • Receptacle tester detects wiring configurations and indicates correct wiring and identifies common wiring faults
  • Identifies open ground open hot open neutral hotground reversed it does not indicate quality of ground multiple hot wires or a combination of defects



  • Professional Case for Circuit Breaker Finder both Receiver and Transmitter
  • Applicable to brands like Extech CB10 Klein Tools ET300 and others
  • also for GCA 07W Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Dectetor
  • Mesh pocket for cable and accessories
  • Echo material strong protection and easy to use and carrying



  • Adjustable Sensitivity Voltage Tester Pen Press S button can switch Dual Range 12V 1000V 48V 1000V choose different range according to your needs
  • Non Contact Voltage Tester Pen It will flash and beep when the device is close to AC voltage greater during the specified voltage range without touch the measured object and also with the beep sound and LED to indicate to support enough. safety measuring application
  • Electric Socket Tester Advanced socket tester for rapidly detecting whether the sockets wire connection is correct or not.Design with RCDGFCI Test Button Power outlet socket for correct wiring and RCDGFCI trip function. It can test the protection system to ensure the household electrical safety. Perfect for protect your security against the risk of electric shock Voltage 48V 250V 45 65Hz
  • Electric Socket Tester 7 LED Light Patterns With 7 easy to read indicators to indicate the state of the socket easy to judge Correct Open Ground Open Neutral LiveNeutral ReverseLiveGround Reverse Open Live Live Neutral Reverse.
  • Package Content 1 x Non contact Voltage Tester Pen 1 x Advanced GFCI Outlet Tester 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries 2 x English Manual 24 Months Warranty



  • Identifies circuit breakers on energized 120V electrical systems
  • Receiver always finds the right breaker automatic sensitivity adjustment removes ambiguity from the search by indicating the correct breaker with light and sound
  • The red LED indicator on the transmitter verifies that the receptacle is energized before receptacle or wiring maintenance
  • Compatible with standard 90 to 120V AC 5060Hz breaker system
  • UL listed and complies with European Standard EN61010 1 2001 Category II 120V



  • QUICKLY AND EASILY identifies correct circuit breaker or fuse protecting a specific electrical circuit
  • SAFE FOR USE NEAR Sensitive electronic equipment and no need to interrupt power when using
  • INCLUDES A plug style transmitter and an auto sensing receiver
  • AUDIBLE ALERT AND BRIGHT LED Visual indication on both transmitter and receiver
  • DESIGNED FOR Operation at 120V AC 50 60Hz UL Listed

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